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Polyspede Electronics Corporation has been manufacturing AC and DC motor speed controls and Engineered systems in the fractional through 500 horsepower range since 1959. A comprehensive line of options can meet any design specifications. Individual motor controls featuring the most popular options are available on short notice. Motors, transformers and other accessories are offered to complete your automation requirements.

Polyspede is constantly improving its existing product lines. When you do business with Polyspede you benefit from a drive company in business over 60+ years.

Polyspede Electronics Corporation has expanded its business from manufacturing DC Drives to distributing branded products from Hitachi – Japan & Invertek – U.K.
Driveswarehouse.com (http://www.driveswarehouse.com) is the e-commerce channel of Polyspede, a one-stop online shop for AC Drives, DC Drives, AC Motors, DC Motors, Panels, Soft Starters and Accessories. All our products include a 12-month warranty and 24/7 support from our professional team of drive experts.

Our Products

AC Drives

Volts/Hertz, Sensorless Vector and Flux Vector and Phase Converter Drives from 1/4 to 500 HP. Continue reading

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DC Drives

Non Regenerative or Regenerative and Analog or Digital Drives from 1/6 to 600 HP. Continue reading

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AC Motors

AC motors from Baldor, AO Smith, Lincoln, Marathon and Reliance. Continue reading

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DC Motors

DC motors from Baldor and AO Smith. Continue reading

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Latest News

latest-news Phase Converter

PHASE CONVERTER drive ‘SPEDESTAR’ series was launched in August 2007. It’s available to operate up to 60 HP, Three Phase electric motors… Continue reading

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digital-dc-drive Digital DC drive

Digital DC drive ‘SPEDESTER’ was launched in January 2005. It’s available in Regenerative version up to 300HP and Non-Regenerative… Continue reading

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Polyspede Electronics Corporation,

6770 Twin Hills Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75231, USA.

Reached by Phone at 214-363 7245,
Toll free 1-888-4POLY44 (1-888-476 5944)

Reached by Fax at 214-363 6361
Toll free 1-888-4POLY45 (1-888-476 5945).

General inquiries: info@polyspede.com

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