sc2The SC control is flexible, cost effective way to implement compact mini systems for manual or automatic motion control.

It combines the popular OC2 control design with standard options and logic circuits.The SC series is available in three basic types:

BSC for forward operation without armature contactors
FSC for forward operation with one armature contactor
RSC for forward and reverse operation with two armature contactors and dynamic braking

1/8 – 1 HP
Input:115 VAC + 10%, 1Ø, 50/60Hz + 5%
Output: 0-90 VDC armature, 100VDC field

1/4 – 5 HP
Input: 230 VAC + 10%, 1Ø, 50/60Hz + 5%
Output: 0-180 VDC armature, 200VDC field

Overload Capacity: 150% for one minute

Acceleration: Adjustable from 0.5 to 15 seconds.

Torque (current) limit: Adjustable from 50 to 150% of rating.

Minimum speed: Adjustable from -5 to 10%

Maximum speed: Adjustable from 70 to 110%

IR Compensation: Adjustable from 0 to 10% boost.


  • Short circuit protection by sub-cycle line fuses.
  • Independent, simultaneously operating torque and speed loops with sharp/smooth transition provide optimum speed regulation and precise torque limit cut-in regardless of speed setting.
  • External torque limit program terminals can be used to set maximum torque in speed program mode or to program torque for tension control.
  • Low level logic for options interfacing
  • Screw type input-output connections
  • Dynamic braking (standard on RSC, optional on FSC)
  • Pushbutton start-stop operation
  • Adjustable jog (optional)
  • Automatic reversing (optional on RSC only)
  • Multiple preset speeds (optional)
  • NEMA 12 enclosure (optional)
  • Speed meter (optional)
  • Local operator station (optional)
  • Remote operator Station (optional)
  • Tachometer feedback (optional)
SC Series Model Selection Table
HP Input BSC Model FSC Model RSC Model
1/8 115 VAC BSC-12 FSC-12 RSC-12
1/6 115 VAC BSC-16 FSC-16 RSC-16
1/4 115 VAC BSC-25 FSC-25 RSC-25
1/4 230 VAC BSC-26 FSC-26 RSC-26
1/3 115 VAC BSC-33 FSC-33 RSC-33
1/3 230 VAC BSC-34 FSC-34 RSC-34
1/2 115 VAC BSC-50 FSC-50 RSC-50
1/2 230 VAC BSC-51 FSC-51 RSC-51
3/4 115 VAC BSC-75 FSC-75 RSC-75
3/4 230 VAC BSC-76 FSC-76 RSC-76
1 115 VAC BSC-100 FSC-100 RSC-100
1 230 VAC BSC-101 FSC-101 RSC-101
1.5 230 VAC BSC-150 FSC-150 RSC-150
2 230 VAC BSC-200 FSC-200 RSC-200
3 230 VAC BSC-300 FSC-300 RSC-300
5 230 VAC BSC-500 FSC-500 RSC-500


OPTIONS LIST (cost extra)


Option Notes Code
Adjustable Jog  See Note I Independent of run speed J2
Dynamic Braking Optional for FSC, standard for RSC D
Automatic Reversing RSC only AR
Tach Feedback
50 VDC/1000 rpm Tach
(R) when used with RSC
1150 rpm motor T(R)l
1750 rpm motor T(R)2
2400 rpm motor T(R)3
External Signal Controls with isolators for input signal. 1-5 mA DC S11
4-20 mA DC S12
10-50 mA DC S13
0-6 VDC S21
0-90 VDC (armature) S31
0-180 VDC (armature S32
0-240 VDC (armature) S33
0-500 VDC (armature) S34
0-20 VDC (tach) S41
0-40 VDC (tach) S42
0-80 VDC (tach) S43
0-150 VDC (tach) S44
Tach Follower
(no isolator)
20-65 VDC or 25-75VAC TF2
65-200 VDC or75-200VAC TF3
Preset Speeds – See Note 2 7
6 internal, I external PS6
4 internal PS4
3 internal, I external PS3
7 external PSO
10 turn Potentiometer and Dial TPD
NEMA 12 Enclosure with OFF/ON & Pilot Light N12
Speed Meter Installed
on N12 option
Local Operator Control Station (installed on N12 option) Start, Stop, Run-Jog, Speed Adjust LOC-1
Start, Stop, Run-Jog, Manual/Auto, Speed Adjust LOC-2
Start, Stop, Run-Jog, Fwd/Rev, Speed Adjust LOC-3
Start, Stop, Run-Jog, Fwd/Rev, Manual/Auto, Speed Adjust LOC-4
Remote Operator Control Station (separate NEMA 12 enclosure) Start, Stop, Run-Jog, Speed Adjust ROC-1
Start, Stop, Run-Jog, Manual/Auto Speed Adjust ROC-2
Start, Stop, Run-Jog, Fwd/Rev, Speed Adjust ROC-3
Start, Stop, Run-Jog, Fwd/Rev,
Manual/Auto Speed Adjust

Note 1: Jog (J2) cannot be supplied with any Preset Speed Option
Note 2: Preset Speed Options do not include the External Speed Potentiometers.
Note 3: Some modification combinations are mutually exclusive, others may be obtained by custom engineering by Polyspede.

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