The HP series of DC motor controls provide accurate speed regulation, repeatable speed settings and large power capacity in a compact package. Designed for high stress industrial applications, the HP operates on three phase 230 or 460 VAC input. A full-wave, six SCR output power section delivers six pulses for every AC input cycle. This provides for smooth and cool motor operation, even in high torque, low speed applications.

The HP series is available in three basic types:

  • BHP for forward operation without armature contactors
  • FHP for forward operation with one armature contactor
  • RHP for forward and reverse operation with two armature contactors and dynamic braking

3 – 20 HP

Input: 230 VAC + 10%, 3Ø, 50/60Hz + 5%
Output: 0-240 VDC armature, 150VDC field
(240 VDC field optional)

3 – 40 HP

Input: 460 VAC + 10%, 3Ø, 50/60Hz + 5%
Output: 0-500 VDC armature, 300VDC field

Overload Capacity:
150% for one minute

Instantaneous Overcurrent trip:
Preset for 260% of rated current

Acceleration / Deceleration:
Independently adjustable from 0.6 to 28 seconds.

Torque (current) limit:
Adjustable from 0 to 200% of rating.

Minimum speed:
Adjustable from 0 to 10% of rated output voltage.

Maximum speed:
Adjustable from 75 to 105% of rated output voltage.

IR Compensation:
Adjustable from 0 to 10% boost.

Speed Regulation:
(percent of base speed with 95% load change)
+ 1.0% with armature feedback
+ 0.1% with tachometer feedback.

Speed Command Input:
4 – 20 milliamp or 0-6 VDC.

Tachometer feedback input:
175 or 2500 rpm motors with a 50 VDC/1000 rpm tachometer standard, other ranges available.

Dimensions (open chassis):
3 – 10 HP, 230 VAC:
14″ (W) x 14″ (H) x 5-5/8″ (D)

15 – 20 HP, 230 VAC:
14″ (W) x 15-1/2″ (H) x 5-5/8″ (D)

5 – 25 HP, 460 VAC:
14″ (W) x 14″ (H) x 7″ (D)

30 – 40 HP, 460 VAC:
14″ (W) x 15-1/2″ (H) x 7″ (D)

open chasis: 20 lbs


HP Series Model Selection Table

HP Input BHP Model FHP Model RHP Model
3 230 VAC BHP-30 FHP-30 RHP-30
3 460 VAC BHP-31 FHP-31 RHP-31
5 230 VAC BHP-50 FHP-50 RHP-50
5 460 VAC BHP-51 FHP-51 RHP-51
7.5 230 VAC BHP-75 FHP-75 RHP-75
7.5 460 VAC BHP-76 FHP-76 RHP-76
10 230 VAC BHP-100 FHP-100 RHP-100
10 460 VAC BHP-101 FHP-101 RHP-101
15 230 VAC BHP-150 FHP-150 RHP-150
15 460 VAC BHP-151 FHP-151 RHP-151
20 230 VAC BHP-200 FHP-200 RHP-200
20 460 VAC BHP-201 FHP-201 RHP-201
25 460 VAC BHP-251 FHP-251 RHP-251
30 460 VAC BHP-301 FHP-301 RHP-301
40 460 VAC BHP-401 FHP-401 RHP-401



  • Current sensing shunt provides a low-voltage signal proportional to the armature current for current monitoring circuits
  • Power-on timer ensures power supply stability before startup by delaying startup by 200 milliseconds
  • Optional automatic reversing remembers a reverse command and causes the motor to dynamically brake to zero speed, then reverse without an additional start command
  • CMOS logic provides high noise immunity and low power consumption
  • Built-in signal isolation permits connecting the speed pot control common to earth ground
  • Digital ramp generator prevents phase mismatch between lines and eliminates ramp balance adjustments
  • Line isolation provides impedance-isolated armature feedback and transformer-isolated shunt feedback signals
  • Reed relays reduce electrical noise
  • Latching network allows use of standard momentary contact push buttons for operator commands
  • 50 or 60 Hz input selection
  • Contactor timing and interlocks ensure zero current switching in models with contactors, extending contactor life
  • LED indicators show phase loss protection, low line voltage protection, torque limit and forward or reverse operation
  • Phase-insensitive AC input
  • Control transformer (460 VAC models only)
  • Independently adjustable acceleration and deceleration ramps
  • Instantaneous overcurrent trip with LED fault indicator
  • Anti-plug protection prevents start-up or reversal of the drive until the motor armature reaches zero speed
  • Tachometer feedback input for 1750 or 2500 rpm motors with a 50 VDC/1000 rpm tach
  • Remote/Local torque programming by jumper selection
  • Speed command input of 4-20 milliamp or 0-6 VDC
  • Standard options to meet most requirements

Options (cost extra)

Option Notes Code
Field Economizing FHP and RHP only FE
Inverse Timed Shutdown Electronic motor overload ITS
to 240V Field
(230V Units Only) 240
Indicating Meter (Shipped Loose)
3 1/2 inch Analog SML
Indicating Meter (Door Mounted)
Analog, Installed on NEMA 12 option SME
Torque Programming
Jog – Note 2
Reversing (RHP only)
Allows motor to reverse without a stop command AR
to 50Hz Operation
Preset Speeds – Note 3 0 Internal, 7 External PS0
3 Internal, 1 External PS3
4 Internal, 0 External PS4
6 Internal, 1 External PS6
7 Internal, 0 External PS7
Voltage Follower
0-90 VDC VF1
0-180 VDC VF1
0-240 VDC VF1
0-500 VDC VF2
Signal Follower
1-5 mA DC SF1
4-20 mA DC SF2
10-50 mA DC SF3
0-6 VDC SF4
0-10 VDC SF4
0-20 VDC TF1
0-65 VDC TF2
0-200 VCD TF3
0-75 VAC TF2
0-230 VAC TF3
Feedback – Note 1(50 VDC/1000 rpm)
(BHP, FHP) 1750 rpm T2
FHP) 2400 rpm
1750 rpm
2400 rpm
Braking (Standard on RHP)
3-10hp (230V) D1
15-20hp (230V) D2
3-15hp (460V) D3
20-40hp (460V) D4
12 Enclosure
3-10hp (230V) & 3-20hp (460V) E1
15hp (230V) & 25-30hp (460V) E2
20hp (230V) E3
40hp (460V) E4
Breaker (Door Mounted)
(230V) & 3-20hp (460V)
15hp (230V) & 25-30hp (460V) CB2
20hp (230V) CB3
40hp (460V) CB4
Operator Control Station(Installed on NEMA 12 Option)
Start, Stop, Run/Jog, Speed Adjust LOC-1
Start, Stop, Run/Jog, Manual/Auto, Speed Adjust LOC-2
Start, Stop, Run/Jog, Fwd/Rev, Speed Adjust LOC-3
Start, Stop, Run/Jog, Manual/Auto, Fwd/Rev, Speed Adjust LOC-4
Operator Control Station(Separate NEMA 12 Enclosure)
Start, Stop, Run/Jog, Speed Adjust ROC-1
Start,Stop, Run/Jog, Manual/Auto, Speed Adjust ROC-2
Start,Stop, Run/Jog, Fwd/Rev, Speed Adjust ROC-3
Start,Stop, Run/Jog, Manual/Auto, Fwd/Rev, Speed Adjust ROC-4
Loss Protection
150 VDC field FL1
240 VDC field FL2
300 VDC field FL3

Note 1: Tachometer feedback option does not include a tachometer generator.

Note 2: Jog speed option cannot be supplied with any preset speed option.

Note 3: Preset speed options do not include the external speed potentiometers.

Note 4: Some pre-designed option combinations are mutually exclusive.
Others may be obtained by custom engineering from Polyspede.

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