pc11Rated Input Voltage:
200 – 240VAC, +10%,
SINGLE Phase (1Ø)
50/60Hz + 5%.

Rated Output Voltage:
200 – 240V + 10%,
THREE Phase (3Ø)
According to supply voltage.
5 – 50 HP


PC1 Series Model Selection Table

HP Model kW kVA Output (A)
5 PC1-50 3.75 6.1 17
7.5 PC1-75 5.5 9.4 25
10 PC1-100 7.5 12.4 33
15 PC1-150 11 17.2 45
20 PC1-200 15 22.9 60
25 PC1-250 18.5 27.8 73
30 PC1-300 22.5 34.5 91
40 PC1-400 30 41.7 110
50 PC1-500 37.5 57 150

Control Method:
Sine-wave pulse width modulation (SPWM) control
V/F and Sensorless Vector Control

Output Frequency Range:
0.1 – 600 Hz

Overload Protection:
150% of rated current for 1 minute/10 minutes
Ta <=40, 200% of rated current for 2 seconds

Output Frequency Resolution:
0.01 Hz

PWM Carrier Frequency:
1kHz -18kHz Adjustable (Some models are limited)

Acceleration/Deceleration Time:
0.1-6000 seconds (2 Independent settings for Accel/Decel Time)

Torque Characteristics:
Including the auto-torque, auto-slip compensation; starting torque can be 150% at 1.0Hz

Stall Prevention Level:
10 to 250%, Setting of Rated Current. Setting range 0.1-600Hz while stop.

DC Braking:
DC Braking Current Level: 0 to 125% of rated output current. DC Braking time: 0 to 60 seconds. Start-Point for DC Braking: 0.1-600Hz both when start up and stop.

Braking Torque:
Approx. 20%. Dynamic Brake chopper built-in in Frame code:PC1-a and PC1-B. Others can be built-in as an option. All models can connect to external Dynamic Brake Unit (DBU).

Frequency Setting-

By a rotary encoder (setting resolution 0.01Hz/step).

External signal:
0 ~ +10VDC((Input impedance 20kΩ), -10 ~ +10VDC((Input impedance 10kΩ),4 ~20mA dc ((Input impedance 250Ω),Multi-Function Inputs 1 ~ 6 (15 Steps Jog, up/down), PLC run, RS-485 Interface MODBUS protocol . If this characteristic is not convenient, contact Polyspede.

Operation Setting-

Set by RUN, STOP and JOG

External signal:
FWD, REV, MI1 to MI6 can be combined to offer various modes of operation, RS-485 serial interface MODBUS protocol

Multi-Function Input Signals
Multi-step selection 0 to 15, first to second accel/decel switches, accel/decel inhibit, EF Input, Emergency Stop, auxiliary motor control is invalid, ACI/AVI/AUI speed command selection,, Reset, PLC Run, Jog, Up/Down command, Sink/Source selection

Multi-Function Output Signal
Drive Operating, Frequency Attained, Non-zero, Base Block, Fault Indication, Local/Remote indication, PLC Operation indication, and Auxiliary Motor Output

Analog Output Signal:
Analog signal output. Proportional to output frequency, output current, voltage, frequency command or motor’s speed.

Fault Indication:
The output will be activated when faults occur (1 Relay contact point RA, RB, RC. or 2 Open-collector output)

Other Functions:
PID feedback control, automatic voltage regulation, Momentary Power Loss restart, S-Curve, External Fault, Fault Reset, Auto Restart, Fault Records, Prevention, Frequency Limits, Fan & Pump Control, Parameter Lock/Reset, Auto Tuning, Reverse Inhibition, Over-Voltage/ Over-Current Stall Prevention, automatic energy-saving, DC Braking, Speed Search during Start-up, PLC, MODBUS Communication,

Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, extreme high/low temperature, CPU error, memory error, ground fault detection at startup, internal communication error, Electronic thermal, CT error

Removable Keypad:
Eight Function keys: Access R un, Stop, Reset/ Digit Shift, Forward/ Reverse run, Display mode, Keypad Enable, Programming data and Jog operation.
One 360 degree Rotary Encoder: Sets the parameter number and changes the numerical data
One 6 digits 7 segment display: Display the Setting frequency/actual operation frequency, Output current/Voltage, User defined unit,
Six LED Display for status indication: Display the Drive run/stop status, forward/Reverse run status, Keypad enable, and Frequency command source


Ambient Operating: -10℃ ~ +40℃(Non-Condensing and not frozen).
Storage: -20℃ ~ +60℃
Humidity: Below 90%RH (Non-Condensing)
Vibration: Below 20Hz: 1G, above 20Hz: 0.6G
Location: Altitude 1,000 m or lower, keep away from corrosive gasses, liquid and dust
Options: Dynamic braking unit, braking resistor, & AC reactor

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